Super Cat Urine Prevention Tips

  • Has the box been affected to a high traffic space recently?
  • will the box want cleaning?
  • maybe a new litter getting used or will it have too significant a scent (clumping and unscented is best).
  • Has the depth of the litter within the box changed? Some cats like their litter deep, others shallow.
  • Your cat has outgrown the box and wishes a bigger one.
  • The box is simply too onerous to enter and exit. this could be a problem for older cats.

Do not place food and water close to the litter box. Cats like these 2 areas unbroken separate (don’t you?).

If your cat has picked out a specific space to soil strive to close the door thereto space if you’ll or cowl the topographic point with furnishings.

Put a bowl of food over the {target space|target|topographic point|place|spot} as cats wish to keep their intake area off from their “bathroom”.

Take your cat to the Vet on an everyday basis.

If you have got over one cat get each of them their own litter box.

Have you recently moved? A cat may smell a region wherever the previous owner’s cat urinated.

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