Save Your Furniture, Sanity And Your Cat Claws!

So you’ll be able to see that scratching could be a cat’s natural behavior and may be supported and inspired to stay your cat work and healthy. If your cat is scratching the piece of furniture you’ll realize that physical penalization doesn’t work and can alienate your cat. typically a stern word or a loud clap can stop kitty whereas you’re there, however, what happens once you’re gone?

For a cheerful cat and a harmonious unit with an intact piece of furniture the subsequent tips is also of use:

The most vital issue you’ll be able to do is to shop for a scratching post BEFORE you get the cat. this fashion the post is going to be associate integral a part of the cat’s atmosphere once it arrives. Once a cat has established a behavior it’s terribly exhausting to interrupt.

Ideally, purchase over one post and place them within the areas that you simply suppose the cat can use most frequently. At a minimum place one close to wherever the cat can sleep. Cats like to stretch once they come to life – UN agency doesn’t.

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