Save Your Furniture, Sanity And Your Cat Claws!

New cats and kittens square measure an amazing addition to any family. however, once you’ve bought the litter receptacle it’s time to stress concerning the piece of furniture. You see the cat’s like to scratch. they really have to be compelled to scratch and if you’re not careful they will quickly ruin your prized piece of furniture. however, before you quit hope there square measure belongings you will do to safeguard your piece of furniture while not having your cat de-clawed.

You need to encourage your cat to scratch a scratching post instead of your piece of furniture. associate understanding of why cats scratch can facilitate America here…

Cats scratch for several reasons. They scratch as some way to exercise and to tone their muscles. They additionally scratch as some way to stretch. they need scent glands in their paws, therefore, cats scratch to scent and mark their territory. They like to dig their claws into the post, (or your furniture!), not as a result of they need to ruin it however as some way to scrub and sharpen their claws. Oh, we have a tendency to virtually forgot they scratch and claw as a result of it feels therefore good!!

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